Circle E Blanks of Darby, Montana is owned and operated by Olen Elliott, former World Class Champion Mounted Shooter. img001

All blanks are individually loaded by Olen. With that being said, you can always expect consistency, quality, and performance from each and every blank you shoot.

Circle E Blanks manufactures some of the world’s finest quality blanks, used by world champion mounted shooters and by beginners on their way to fame!

Want something bigger? Circle E Blanks also manufactures rifle blanks of exceptionally high quality! Try a set of my rifle blanks today and see why I am still the choice of champions!

Getting ready for the big showdown? Olen makes custom blanks for reenactments, training, or anything else you may need some high quality blanks for!

Circle E Blanks Provides The Following Products and Services:

** Pistol Blanks: The world’s finest Mounted Shooting blanks – used by world champions and novist on their way to fame!

** 5in1 Rifle Blanks: The top choice for exceptional high quality – these blanks are the choice of champions!

** Training Blanks: Excellent choice for the beginner – just learning to shoot or train their mounted shooting horses.

Circle E Blanks invites you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. Give Circle E Blanks a try on your next shootout and watch the balloons tremble in fear!